A Refuge from One Generation to Another...

We are small but mighty. At Trinity Church Oxford, we have been blessed by the gift of a shared life in God and a growing community. We experience Christ not just in our house of worship, but also in the acts of service and kindness to others. Most importantly, we experience the Lord in the memories we create for ourselves, our children, visitors and one another.

At Trinity, we have been a refuge for all since 1698. We wish to continue to do so for generations to come. Please consider financial stewardship in the form of pledging as a part of your own thanksgiving and response. A pledge is a commitment to give a specified amount of money in the coming year so that Trinity may plan to meet its expenses. More than that, it is a commitment to yourself, your faith community, and to God to be an intentional giver.

Pledge cards for 2018 are available at the Church. You may also also give online using the DONATE button.